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KFC Draws Criticism For “Pink Bucket”

Kentucky Fried Chicken is fighting breast cancer with fried chicken, one pink bucket at a time! KFC urges to “Help make the largest single donation to end breast cancer forever”. The campaign, which is largely seen to bring big money to the cause, has also drawn significant criticism due to the unhealthful nature of KFC’s food and the fact that purchases of its pink buckets will not directly increase the company’s actual charitable contribution!

So What’s the Deal?

We looked into this further to see what all the fuss was about. The fine print on KFC’s website clearly cites that for every pink bucket purchased, fifty cents goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. However, since Kentucky Fried Chicken is a franchise, this refers to every pink bucket purchased by a Franchisee, not by an actual consumer. What’s the bottom line? No purchase is necessary! When you walk up to the counter to buy your pink bucket, that bucket was previously purchased by the Franchisee, and your ten-piece bucket of KFC fried chicken (which goes for about $20) doesn’t increase the company’s charitable contribution by a single cent.

On top of the questionable marketing approach, studies have long shown that obesity is associated with high risk of developing breast cancer. As Jennifer LaRue Huget from the Washington Post clearly stated in her recent blog post:

So, no, I don’t think that buying fried chicken by the bucket is a good way to fight breast cancer.

Barbara Brenner, executive director of Breast Cancer Action, told ABC News: “They are raising money for women’s health by selling a product that’s bad for your health … it’s hypocrisy.”

Some people might argue that you could make a healthy meal at home and just donate to a breast cancer related nonprofit organization by writing a check – the good old fashion way.

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10 years ago

You buy a $20.00 bucket of KFC in a PINK bucket and ONLY 50 cents goes to Breast Cancer,something is wrong with that figure!!! At least to me it is……I agree that every little penny helps the cause and I understand that fully, but I have a problem with that, just like the Breast Cancer Stamps only 11 cents from each stamp sold goes to Breast Cancer and yet the stamps for Haiti the FULL amount of the stamps goes to them. I feel for their loss over there and wouldn't wish that on anyone but I still have issues with that, I feel more money should go towards Breast Cancer than what does so we can get a cure for it much sooner as well as other Cancers.

10 years ago

All i can say is shame on them. That stuff's so bad for your health anyway, and enticing us to buy it, thinking that we're donating toward beating breast cancer is shameful and self-serving greed.

10 years ago

I agree that there is hypocrisy here, but isn't any fundraising that's tied to product sales a bit suspect?

10 years ago

Don't be a cow and eat the whole darn bucket and we wouldn't have such problems. I haven't eaten KFC in years, but if people are going to complain about stuff like this perhaps we should also consider the fact that those pink lids on Yoplait are for full sugar yogurt… and sugar feeds cancer. Why isn't anyone complaining about Yoplait? It's all about moderation. It's disgusting how many people can read one article on something and they think they know everything. Unless you are buying organic chicken then what you have in your freezer is no better than what is in theirs. But ignorance is bliss…. right?

Katy P.
Katy P.
10 years ago

KFC uses caged chickens and they are so geneticaly engineered, some are born with no beaks, feet, feathers. what a joke.

L. Farris
L. Farris
10 years ago

Though I like the fact KFC is trying to give back and has taken strides toward cause related marketing, I'm just not sure if fried chicken isn't the cause or cure for cancer?

Sharon Taylor
10 years ago

Thanks for making me aware of this. I had heard about the pink buckets but didn't think much of it until I saw this post. I guess the devil is always in the details, and if you don't check, you may as well think that you are curing breast cancer with fried chicken!

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